Torres – Sprinter

Torres - Sprinter (single)

Somewhere between The National, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave there is Torres (in real life: MacKenzie Scott), now releasing her second album titled “Sprinter” on Partisan Records.

“It was almost like I was looking at Earth and just observing it as an other—not necessarily as a person, but as a spiritual being. I wanted to make a record that allowed me to explore my past, my upbringing in Georgia and my personal experiences, but from a cosmic, futuristic perspective” –

she said in an interview with the “Observer, confirming also that Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life” was her inspiration.

One of the essential songs on this new LP is the self-titled track. And a great one.


U2 – Raised By Wolves

U2 - Songs Of Innocence
It was probably the huge noise accompanying the release of the ‘Songs Of Innocence’ that caused the album itself got unjustly overlooked. But this is a very good album,to quote the classic – “no filler, all killer’. Rolling Stone confirms. Let’s listen to ‘Raised By Wolves – are you ready for a ride?